Women’s Diary 2016

Women builders are the topic of this year’s Women’s Diary, published by the Provincial Secretariat for Economy, Employment and Gender Equality, with the support from  UN Women. This publication’s aim is to highlight the activities of women participating in the processes that are important to society, yet who often remain insufficiently visible and without wider acknowledgment.

This year the activities of women in the building profession are showcased, and starting with women artisans which used to work or are still engaged in the construction works on Vojvodina’s houses. Their activities were revealed at the interesting panel on the role of women in construction crafts.

The Women’s Diary also features Dragana Kojičić, architect behind the organization Center for Earth Architecture.

Thanks to our editor Andrea Tamas Dačić, the Women’s Diary presents also important women architects from Novi Sad, such as  Jelena Tomić Bokur, Milena Đorđević, Ana Jankov, Zora Mitrović Pajkić, Tatjana Vanjifatov Savić, Vlasta Petrović and Ljiljana Milin.

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