We are establishing the blog Women in architecture after two years of research and activities related to this this topic and after publishing a well-received book Women in Architecture | Contemporary architecture in Serbia since 1900. The aim of this blog is to establish an on-line space for original and research articles on women in architcture, interviews with successful female colleagues and young architects, promoting activities that encourage female authors and showcasing projects and results of women’s work in architecture and related fields.

Women in architecture is an initiative created and started by architect Milena Zindović in 2013. The Initiative was first part of activities of the organization Centre for Architecture Belgrade, and in 2015 it became an independent forum for presenting and promoting women’s work in architecture.

The blog is envisioned as more that a presentation space. It is also a place of encounters, opinion and experience exchange, debate and comments related to this topic. The basic rules of Internet manners apply, and any offensive comments will not be published. The editors of the blog maintain their right to chose to publish only the contents and comments which suite the blog’s concept and aims.

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