MoMoWo – 100 European women architects

The MoMoWo – Modern Movement Women project, as part of European Union’s Creative Culture program, is currently underway with the patronage of six EU countries: France, Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia, Portugal and Spain. A special jury selected 100 best women architects in Europe in the period of one century, from 1918 to 2018, and each author has a dedicated year in the recently published book. Two Serbian architects are included, Ivanka Raspopović for the Museum of Contemporary Art in 1965, and Ljiljana Bakić for sports hall Pionir in 1973.

MoMoWo’s general aim is to highlight the achievements of a balanced social development within european society, promoting equity in culture and work, both vehicles for women’s emancipation.

The book  „MoMoWo •100 works in 100 years • European Women in Architecture and Design • 1918-2018“, was first presented at the exhibition at the historical building of the Oviedo University in Spain from July 1st to July 31st 2016, and afterwards in exhibitions in Lisabon (September 2016) and Grenoble (November 2016)m and will be presented at exhibitions in Amsterdam (March 2017), Ljubljana (april 2017) and Torino (June 2017).  The project MoMoWo – Modern Movement Women is promoted across Europe through the book, web page and exhibition in all major European cities.



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