Eclectic Work Space in Dorćol

Architectural office BiroPlus from Vršac has opened a branch office in the center of Belgrade, municipality of Stari Grad. For that occasion, a twenty-seven- year-old architect Sara Dimitrijević, who had started her architectural practice in this office with a long tradition in designing, engineering and consulting, was hired as the author of the project.  She was given full support by the team of its employed engineers.


The new office space, which is also serves as a kind of showroom, is located on the ground floor of a building dating from 1962, in Dobračina Street. The investor, the owner of BiroPlus, desired to create a unified functional workspace that exudes glamour and elegance, and in the same time gives employees the warmth of a living space.


The project with all its phases lasted for approximately two years. The reconstruction and renovation included: opening a street facade entrance, window replacement, and an overall design of the interior of the building which is part of the protected core of the city.


On the experience of working on this project, the young author says: As someone who has been given the opportunity to realize an original project and being without prior experience, but having almost unlimited freedom and support in this process, I wanted to connect my dreams to the  reality of architecture, trying to constantly keep with me the piece of surreal, subconscious, intuitive. I wanted to bring in warmth and colour to the dark, long time abandoned ground floor, to make it lively, to surprise, to lead, to honor, to incorporate and reward, not to let it continue to degrade and to try to encourage the continuation of embedding the space into the environment and into the user’s  experience. 


  • Building: Office space
  • Location: Belgrade, Serbia
  • Area: 100 m2
  • Year: 2015
  • Author: BiroPlus LLC
  • Author: Sara Dimitrijević, architect
  • Photos: Andrija Rančić






The project will be exhibited at this year’s Salon of Architecture, from 29 MArch to 30 April 2016.

More photos of the space can be found on th website Archilovers.

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